WallachBeth Capital LLC is an institutional ‘inter-market-broker.’ We specialize in ETFs, Equity Options and Index Products, OTC derivatives, Listed & OTC equities, and non-US equities.

We’re Industry Veterans. The executive leadership of our firm provides five decades of trading and order execution expertise that extends across all asset classes. Our trading desk team is comprised of more than three dozen professionals, each having at least ten years trading market experience.

WallachBeth operates on a fully-disclosed basis; we execute orders for our customers, not against them. We serve as our customers’ advocate when leveraging trusted relationships with peers throughout the trading market ecosystem. Our only objective is to secure the right price for our customer.

Our role is to demystify the challenges of navigating and executing orders within highly-fragmented markets. We provide a beacon of transparency in a sea of dark pools and seemingly illiquid markets. We serve as the vital link between those seeking liquidity and best price execution.

Our liquidity pool extends across the broad spectrum of sell-side and buy-side market participants. We serve the Industry’s leading hedge fund managers, RIAs, Tier 1 sell-side trading desks, and professional market-makers; each of whom rely upon us to efficiently source liquidity at the right price, and to execute complex or potentially market-impacting orders as if they were our own.

We excel at what we do because our team is comprised of passionate and focused professionals that are fluent in the market dynamics of each product area in which we specialize, the nuances of trading system technologies, and the distinctions between risk-based and risk-less transacting.

Clients of WallachBeth share one common denominator: Trust in our ability, talent and integrity.


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